45 Degree Tent Flashing Kit

This flashing kit has been designed so you can fit your stove into your canvas glawning or bell tent.

It comes with a hole 60mm as standard, but it also has a cut line at the right dimension for the 4" Traveller stove flues.

The silicone collar is suitable for temperatures of up to 300 degrees, however it is still best to have this as high up in the shelter as possible, making it as far away from the stove as possible.

Fitting a Stove in your glawning will give you a great heat source but it will also mean you can cook in there too. No more cooking smells in your van!

Take a look at our new glawning Glow wood burner for yet another heating option for your glawning.

We wouldn't be without ours...even in Summer!
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