Frequently Asked Questions

What is the glawning made from?

100% cotton canvas, 350gsm, natural, water proof, fire retardant, mildew resistant.

Is it easy to care for?

Yes, and you will receive care instructions with your glawning. A properly cared for glawning has the potential to last you for years.

Is it waterproof? Will I need to re-proof it?

Yes it is waterproof and cotton has inherent waterproof qualities anyway. To keep it in tip top condition, however, we recommend reproofing once a year or more depending on how much use it gets. You can either go to a professional tent waterproofing company for this or carry out a DIY job using a good reproofer such as Grangers Fabsil with UV. The manufacturers’ guidelines when using this product are to add the liquid to a pressurised container and spray onto the outer surface of the dry tent (in fine weather) and allow it to dry. A fine coating is sufficient.

Does it stay up well in windy weather?

Very well. We’ve had ours up in the foulest of weathers and it’s no stranger to gale force winds in which it did us proud. The heavy duty metal pegs anchored at 12 points and tensioned on one central pole makes for a very sturdy fixture that ain’t goin’ nowhere. Ask other glawning owners too – don’t just take our word for it!

What weight is the glawning?

Weights of all our products are found in the individual product specs on our website shop. The weight of the 4m glawning packed up including all pegs and poles is 38kg, the 5m is 49kg.

What is the glawning footprint when it is up?

The canopy adds an extra 135cm on the side of the tent, and the tent part is 500cm across for the 5m and 400cm for the 4m. Then you have the guy ropes going out at 12 points and the dimensions of your van of course. ᅠSo for the 5m you need at least 7m plus the width of your van across the front, and 7m back, to fit it in comfortably, and a metre less for the 4m but it’s difficult to give an exact footprint because the guy ropes can be lengthened and shortened as desired so it’s adaptable if necessary.

Do you fit the flashing kit to the tent for me?

No. The customer cuts the hole and fits the flashing kit themselves because everyone has different preferences depending if a space needs to be left for a bed, where you’ll be sitting to look at the fire etc. It’s easier than it sounds and full instructions are provided!

Will campsites allow me to bring a big bell tent awning and have a woodburner in a tent?

We haven’t yet had a problem pitching at campsites with the van and glawning and wood burner. A lot of the campsites we go to are quite laid back and don’t seem to have a ‘standard sized pitch’ so it will depend on the campsite to a certain extent.ᅠ Here’s a list of campsites we have been to in the past.ᅠ It's advisable to ring up to let them know what you’re bringing (especially as we always take our stove no matter what) just to double check

Can I sleep in the glawning with the woodburner lit?

For health and safety reasons we must recommend that you extinguish fires before sleeping in your glawning. Fit a carbon monoxide detector in your glawning for peace of mind too.

Is there anywhere I can see a glawning up?

Take a look at the list of shows we’re attending this year on our website and social media. Or contact us to see if we’ll be holidaying with our glawning in your area. We’re always eager to showcase our glawning so we’ll try our best to make it happen.

Does the glawning attach to any van?

Pretty much! If your vehicle has an awning rail or gutter rail chances are it will attach. Contact us for dimensions if you’re concerned about the height of your vehicle.

How does a glawning attach to a van?

Connecting the canopy part of the glawning to your campervan will depend on what type of van you have. On some vans the canopy will slide straight into the existing awning rail via the 6mm beading, some work best with a figure of eight connector, some need a universal pole and clamp which can be bought from here
It is wise to test this out and purchase the one you need before heading off on any camping trips. Please don’t hesitate to ring us for advice if necessary.

Is the glawning a driveaway awning?

Yes, to drive away, just unhitch from whatever connector you’re using with your van and either leave the canopy hanging or remove it and store it inside your glawning. Both doors zip up and it is a standalone two-door bell tent when it’s not being an awning so it’s very handy for garden parties, kids sleepovers etc too.

How many people can sleep in a 4m and 5m glawning?

Your glawning sleeping capacity will depend on a number of factors including how much stuff you bring, whether they are adults or children, what they’re sleeping on but in our opinion we think the 4m glawning comfortably sleeps four adults and the 5m about six.

How will I clean my glawning if it gets mud on it?

Your glawning will inevitably get dirty over time and it is best to let any mud dry then brush the dirt off or if this is not possible then to use just water or a mixture of water plus something like Nikwax Tech wash especially for waterproof products.

Does the glawning have to be dry to store it?

Yes, like any canvas tent or awning it will need to be dry before storing for any length of time. This can be done fairly easily for example over a dining room table.

Whats the difference between the stoves you sell?

The glawningGLOW is our new exclusive stove which marries the best qualities of other stoves on the market and results in what we believe is the perfect stove. All of our stoves can be cooked on which means no more cooking smells tainting your campervan! We also supply the Frontier stove and Traveller stoves from Anevay. The black Frontier is light, compact and fits into its own carry bag. It has no glass window to see the fire through. It is also a lot cheaper than the more deluxe Traveller stove which comes in different colours and has a window but is three times as heavy.

How long does the glawning take to put up?

With practice, it can be done by one person in around twenty minutes. We recommend allowing longer for the first few times with a view to becoming quicker with repetition.

Can the glawning be fitted to a van that has its door on the right or left hand side of the vehicle?

Yes. The glawning can be fitted to either side of a vehicle and still have one door facing forwards because the two glawning doors are identical and the canopy can attach to either of them.

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